Founded in 1994, Internet New England is a comprehensive web and user interface design and Internet presence management company offering full web design services to small and medium size New England companies. In the past, its founders designed, built and managed Fortune 500 company web sites. Today, INE provides professional, affordable web design and other Internet related services to small and midsize New England businesses who want the Fortune 500 look, but not the price.

From Soup To Nuts
Unlike many web design companies that design a site and then leave their client with the responsibility of finding a company to host it, we provide a complete service package.

Internet New England not only offers professional web design services, but also information architecture and user experience as well. Furthermore, we're also here as your personal web service department on call 24/7 for maintenance and any future changes or additions you may have. What's more, we can help you drive traffic to your site with our search engine optimization services. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques start from the initial building of your site right down to periodic monitoring and improving of your search engine rankings.

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